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Action Heroes
Choose a design of your favourite action hero or movie star.
How about the picture of a loved one.
Pop Stars
You could look at Kylie all day if she was on the end of your fingers.

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Attention Beauty Salon Owners, Nail Technicians and Nail Professionals – the revolution in nail art is here. We are proud to introduce you to the Digital Nail Print technology where nails are painted in vibrant and sophisticated designs at the touch of a button.

It’s fun for your customers, it’s fun for you and it will make you money.
And our machines offer the best value for money, typically half the price of our competitors with superb, quality results.
Digital Nail Print Machine It's perfectly safe! Choose your designs!



Will be delivered to your premises

very easy to set it up

Training, calibration & setting up the machine  is available if needed

Choose from our 3000 nail designs
Or create your own
Even your picture can be printed on your nails

Nails are prepared with the DNP colour booster

While the coating is drying choose your designs

Slide your hand into the printer and the designs will be automatically adjusted to the shape of your nails.

Then with a simple click your nails will be transformed to your required design.

Finally DNP Lustre Shield is applied to give a long lasting seal and shine.

Itís as easy as that.
Stand Out From The Crowd

This amazing machine uses state-of-the-art inkjet technology to apply vitually any kind of artwork directly to the nail. Each system comes with its own gallery of images and you can add your own design. It could be a picture of your favourite pop star, or your national flag or your own
crazy design.

Perfect Results In Minutes!

Itís fast Ė in less than 5 minutes you will have 10 nails looking as perfect as you desire. Itís simple to use Ė of course we provide full training but within minutes you will soon be creating great results. The printer is operated using a standard computer screen and it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to get it all going.

Save Time and Money

By using the Digital nail printer more clients can be serviced and you will eliminate the following costs associated with nail art!

∑ Airbrush systems
∑ Professional artistic skills
∑ Nail varnishes, Paints and thinners
∑ Stencil kits
∑ Time
∑ Salon space



Please email us to send you big JPG sample pictures out of our 82 pages catalogue

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