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Revenue Share per Day

Key Benefits of one day per month:

Build up your clientele.
Get extensive training on operating the Pulsar IPL
Raise your salon's income potential and customer perception.

One Day Revenue Share Terms - 50% / 50 %

Once interested, an agent will visit your salon to demonstrate a Pulsar system. The agent will then treat a yourself or a few of your clients to prove the system's capabilities and ease of use. The agent will leave advertising information i.e. brochures and leaflets to stimulate your clients interest.

The agent will organise a training day for you on the Pulsar system. Once the agent is satisfied with your training programme they will then arrange a date for the Pulsar system to be left with you for one day.

The only thing left for you to do is start earning revenue for your salon.

Salon retains 50% of the earnings the Agent collects the other 50% of earnings.

Give us a call for more info : 020 884 882 88 / 07956 87 90 83

A better kind of revenue share!

The all in one Solution for Permanent Hair Reduction, including Ginger, Blonde and Vellous Hair, Photo-Rejuvenation, Vascular & Pigmented Lesions, Acne Clearance and Scar Reduction.

 No capital outlay
 FULL TIME machine in your salon*
 No Delivery Charge
 No Maintenance Costs
 No Lease or long term contract
 Company Leads
 Promotional Literature
 Continued Research and Development

The Pulsar System is used by leading dermatologists

The PULSAR machine is without doubt, the leading Intense Pulsed Light machine of its
kind available on the market today. It is manufactured in the United Kingdom by a
British company namely Excel Photonix Systems Limited based in Cross Hands, Wales.

We specialise in offering the Beauty Industry
the very latest technology available

We offer a “Free of Charge” no obligation demonstration of the Pulsar Machine at your salon, and will show you a selection of clinical tests with photographs

Call today to arrange your demonstration and find out how we can help you increase your turnover/profit.


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