Detox & Fasting Holiday

( This section is under construction )

Next Trip will be announced soon

You may call for 10-day private De-tox or Fasting program

Lebanon above
Ukraine below

Choose your Holiday

Detox Holidays     : Organic healthy well balanced food

Juice Therapy       : Juices of fruits & Wild Herbs. No food

Fasting Trips        : Distilled water Only. No food


Optional extras for extra fee:

All Therapies will be done or supervised by Dr. Succar
Dr. Succar is Licensed to Practice Medicine in Lebanon & Ukraine
Therapies may vary depending on the country we visit

  1. Ukraine by the Black sea & mountains - swim with Dolphins ( subject to availability, as they get long waiting lists ) more photos will be uploaded soon

  2. Mountains of North Lebanon
    ( previous venue, above : monastery in the mountains of
    Lebanon )
    Biodynamic organic food will be served from the land surrounding the monastery.#

  3. Trips & courses to France, Spain & other countries, please contact us for details.

The last trip was in a sacred old monastery with lovely views to the mountains.

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